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Materializing vision in trauma and orthopaedics

Baat Medical is providing outsourcing services for the orthopaedic industry. Our services are ranging from market mapping & concept generation, development of implants and instruments through complete supply chain management including regulatory.

From our perspective, implants and instruments are more than a result of engineering and design. In fact, it is a result of a living process. It requires foresight, adaptation and evolvement with the environment. We know how to build and bring something to life and keep it up and running.

We are committed to generate implants and instruments in the context of building the business. How is the result contributing to partner’s acquisition and growth?

Gannet femoral neck implant

Baat Medical, the orthopaedic market

“… Medical devices has a special stake in innovation…” says Chris Stirling, Chair, Global Life Sciences, KPMG in the UK (2015). “The nature of the business require companies to elevate their performance to offer better life-enhancing and life-saving technologies.” The international survey of 386 manufacturers worldwide revealed a high level of investment and distinct drive for breakthrough innovation among the 55 medical devices companies surveyed. 80 per cent of medical service respondents believe future innovations will increasingly come through partnerships, rather than in-house efforts and 82 per cent are already pursuing more collaborative business models with suppliers and customers.

Medical device companies say the top three reasons for collaborating are:

Because Baat Medical has streamlined R&D processes, innovation through collaboration with us can help address these challenges. About two-thirds of Medical Device companies show a time horizon for product innovation of 3-5 years. Baat Medical targets a 1-3 years time horizon.

In another market study (EY, 2014), the conclusion is drawn that individual doctors become less influential over the next three years; survey respondents expect that features targeted at these buyers will become less important in purchasing decisions. Instead, respondents expect that measures that target value and outcomes (e.g., “data demonstrating clinical outcomes”, “data demonstrating value”, “beyond-the-product services”, “risk-sharing agreements”) will become significantly more important influencers of purchasing decisions.

The leading metric is: reduced total cost of care

The repercussions are clear: to succeed, firms will need to design and market their products to appeal not just to the preferences of physicians in the field, but also to the value-driven considerations that are becoming top-of-mind for administrators and managers.

In order to meeting the market demands of our customers, we support our customers in the entire product development process from “not taking a problem description for granted” towards CE mark, production and supply.

BAAT medical is focused to be one of the most successful innovative orthopaedic specialists. It stands for an innovative orthopaedic specialist in the medical industry with talented engineers, operational excellence, innovation and reliability.